Tusk and Stone by Malcolm Bosse. Front Street, 1995, 1st printing.

Tusk and Stone.

Arjun searches endlessly for his sister through many lives, experiencing the glory of a warrior, the endurance of a captive, and the power of a stone mason. Set in the religious and cultural milieu of 7th century India.



20505 Buddha - Demi.


Beautiful, respectful illustrations touched with gold. The artist used traditional Chinese paints, inks, and brushes, Windsor & Newton watercolor paints and watercolor paper.



11118 The Prince Who Gave Up a Throne, Buddha - Serage/Mizumura

The Prince Who Gave Up a Throne.

Mizumura's serene wash and ink drawings in blacks and grays beautifully illustrate the life of the Buddha. A well-written, poetic narrative by a woman who became a renunciate in an Indian monastic order. Note: This book has been SOLD



20448 Robi Dobi - Jaffrey

Robi Dobi.

"Madhur Jaffrey draws on some of the great myths of Indian folklore, while adding a modern spirit that will bring laughs and appreciation from readers everywhere." Robi Dobi is based on the stories of a kindly elephant which the author's father told his girls in the 30's, and continues the storytelling style of their family. The actress/author is an expert on Indian cuisine. The artist traveled extensively in India while researching this book.  Note: This book has been SOLD



17039 India Reader - All-Bengal Teacher's Association. Calcutta 1943

India Reader.

Thirty-six readings and thirty-seven poems, selected from both traditional English sources and Indian history, Marconi, the Jolly Miller, Nehru's thoughts from prison, and others; nicely illustrated with prints by D. N. G.  Note: This book has been SOLD



19868 Hindu Fables - Mukerji/ Wiese, Dutton 1929

Hindu Fables for Little Children.

" I should like to tell my young readers one more thing: namely, that the writing of the following pages has been very hard work. I find it much harder to write for the young than for their elders. I fear the criticism of the former as I love their appreciation. Let us hope that the ten fables of my childhood will not fail utterly to please." SIGNED by Mukerji on half title.



20875 Chendru, the Boy and the Tiger. - Sucksdorff

Chendru, the Boy and the Tiger.

From a film, two years in the making, by author's husband, the Swedish director Arne Sucksdorff. For the isolated Muria people in Central India the tiger is a "beloved enemy". Beautiful colour photographs of their daily life and a satisfying story of a boy and his constant companion, a young tiger.



3622 The Bird Who Was An Elephant - Karnal/ Lessac.

The Bird Who Was an Elephant.

A bird who was an elephant in a former incarnation cries "I'm back!" A sweet dream of Indian villages for young children with Lessac's bright, funny, detailed illustrations. .



The White Elephant by Faulkner, Frederick Richardson, ill. Volland 1929 1st. Box

The White Elephant and Other Tales from India.

Stories taken from various sources and originally broadcast by the "Radio Lady", which read smoothly. Her introduction gives children further books to explore and introduces them to comparative folklore. The illustrations are beautiful: full color plates inspired by Mughal painting, each facing a decorated caption, and others in black and white. (Since all Volland paper was "plate" quality, the colour and b/w could be printed on either side of the sheet.)

The stories are: The White Elephant, The Grain of Corn, The Timid Little Rabbit, Singh Raja and the Cunning Little Jackals, The Kingdom of Mouseland, The Alligator and the Jackal, The Bold Blackbird, The Kid and the Tiger, The Brahmin and the Tiger, The Bear's Bad Bargain, The Man Who Rode a Tiger.



The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



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