22481 Drawing for Children 1875/1830's

Drawing for Children. Miller 1875/1830's.150 cuts.

Originally published in London in the late 1830's and fascinating for its view of children's learning (4 to 5 to 10 or 12). The object was to start from a young child's perception of the whole, to correct gently if at all, and to alternate this copying with drawing from life and from the imagination. " to teach him to think and act for himself, not to teach him to imitate another." The book contains an introduction on the principles of art education, notes to the teacher on the teaching of art, notes on every individual exercise, and 150 woodcuts to copy. Most are of common objects, dogs, and cows. The rather crude drawings were intentional; perspective, foreshortening, and shading were treated only briefly at the very end. (In the 1840s large drawing copies, for use by 40 or 50 children at a time, were also published). Do you know an art teacher sheltering at home? This is the book for them!



Tusk and Stone by Malcolm Bosse. Front Street, 1995, 1st printing.

Tusk and Stone.

Arjun searches endlessly for his sister through many lives, experiencing the glory of a warrior, the endurance of a captive, and the power of a stone mason. Set in the religious and cultural milieu of 7th century India.



Paji by Esther Kiviat / Harold Price, ill. McGraw-Hill, 1946, 1st printing.


Paji ran away from his elephant carving job at his uncle's Big Cheap Elephant Factory. He and his dreamy bullock friend Push-ba ran to an ancient dagoba and there Paji made beautiful carvings, each different. A charming story in fluid three colour lithos.



16493 The Animal Frolic - Toba Soja

The Animal Frolic.

12th Century Japanese Art (the Shoji Gig or Scroll of Animals) with a text by Velum Lerner and a tribute by Taro Yashima. The scroll, which resides in the Temple of Kozanji in Kyoto, has been reproduced in its entirety in this thoughtfully designed book.



20843 Chi Po & the Sorcerer by Oscar Mandel, /Lo Koon-Chiu, illustrator.

Chi Po & the Sorcerer

A brush stroke scroll in ink continuing from page to page as illustration. Young Chi Po, aided by a sorcerer, became the greatest painter of all China. Inspired by the painter Ch'i Pai-shih.  Note: This book has been SOLD



The Magic Pear.

"Twelve outline drawing lessons with directions for the amusement of little folks." 19th c drawing lessons which each begin with the basic shape of a pear.



Tye May and the Magic Brush.

In ancient China, a poor orphan peasant girl wants desparately to learn to paint. A magic woman appears in her sleep and gave her a brush which brings everything she draws to life. A very interesting plot on an early reader level.



4429 The Artist and the Architect by Demi

The Artist and the Architect.

The Emperor favored both men, but the artist became jealous of the architect and planned to destroy him. The clever architect turned the tables on him, but would he then forgive the artist? "The small man harbors an envious spirrit; the great man rejoices in the talents of others."An old Chinese proverb and folktale brought to life with Demi's graceful and colourful paintings.



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