21492 War Dog by Treece, ill Payne.

War Dog.

Bran, the Celtic war dog of nobility, is bewildered and lost when his master dies in battle against the Romans. His story moves from Britain to Rome, and the home of a Roman soldier and his Celtic wife.



Tusk and Stone by Malcolm Bosse. Front Street, 1995, 1st printing.

Tusk and Stone.

Arjun searches endlessly for his sister through many lives, experiencing the glory of a warrior, the endurance of a captive, and the power of a stone mason. Set in the religious and cultural milieu of 7th century India.



The Greenstone Axe by E. M. Ellin / Sutherland, ill. Stockton House, 1975 1st pr

The Greenstone Axe.

The three Archer children are left on their own on the ranch in the Northland of New Zealand. While looking for wild honey, they find a greenstone axe, that ultimately involves them in a war between two rival Maori tribes. Set in the 1850's.



22597 Take the Children by Dorothy King

Take the Children.

Originally written in 1945, as children who had been evacuated during World War II were returning home. In a realistic story, six European children lose their name tags on their voyage home from North America. The child reader can help return the little figures to their home country pages. An amusing subplot runs through, of the children exploring the ocean liner and then growing increasingly tired of their trip. The country pages have pictorial maps and illustrations; all but the French and English children are in traditional clothing.

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19323 Chin Ling: Chinese Cricket - Stilwell

Chin Ling the Chinese Cricket.

How the cricket becomes a champion and wins a home for mother and son. Pale watercolours in a Chinese style and a cheerful cartoonish cricket. The interesting thing about this copy is the inscription coupled with the laid in Dec. 29, 1947 newspaper clippings of Stilwell's wedding. In Chinese columns with side by side English translation "For ...... from your ...... but our places should have been reversed (signature)" A Chinese speaker might discover an association copy!



21597 Coucou la Goutte by Terré

Coucou la Goutte/Plays her Part in the War.

"Captain Hélene Terré is the Commandant of the Voluntaires Françaises of the Free French Forces. She herself has experienced the bitterness of seeing her country over-run by the Germans and has been supported by the knowledge that she is helping to keep the flame of freedom burning. Something of this is reflected in Coucou's life. She is a little black French girl, who, after an adventurous escape from France succeeds in joining the Free French and carrying out a dangerous job which brings glory to her and success to her cause." (flap) A straightforward morale-building wartime story in French and English, illustrated simply with bright colours, about a brave and patriotic young girl. (La goutte is her drop of French blood, interesting in view of present conditions.) NOTE: This book has been sold.



20413 LifeandAdventuresofGeneralSpooley by Falls.

The Life and Adventures of General Spooley.

Already a little tree with a glorious future in mind, our tree witnesses a Great War (Civil War) battle with a victorious Union Army. He decides that he wants to become a general, so he grows straight and tall. He is chosen for toy shop lumber and becomes the leader of 11 wooden soldiers for Tommy's Christmas. His excellent discipline and strategy ensure Tommy's victories, and even when some of his men are worn and lost, he is promoted to General and put in charge of a successful army of spools. Then as Tommy grows up, General Spooley helps him with his studies and accompanies him to his base, meeting the original General as an old man. A happy ending ensues for them both, unlike the fate of Andersen's tree. An odd, original book, by a military expert, with rather primitive but charming and colourful chromos, not in Hunt.



The Little White Hen and the Emperor of France (Henne Blanche Soldat des Kaisers).

The little hen is drafted into a war between the Emperor of France and the Tzar, so she and her friend the farmer set out to carry one cannon ball to Russia. A funny story, told in cartoon frames, about the futility of war.



The Long Escape.

Justine Raymond shepherds fifty children from her sanitorium to safety and freedom. A true story of internal refugees in 1940 right after the Nazi invasion of Belgium, showing the heroism, hardships, hope, and cowardice of civilians caught in a war.



Which Way Freedom.

"Obi escapes from slavery during the Civil War, joins a black Union regiment, and soon becomes involved in the bloody fighting at Fort Pillow." Written to give children a deeper understanding of African American participation during the Civil War.



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