20707 Rolling Season by Mayne, ill Brooker.

The Rolling Season.

  • Hiram and his friends worked hard to help their village during a severe drought, but then Hiram found a magic solution from the old days, a wheel with a bell was rolled downhill.


5659 Season of the Briar by Brinsmead

Season of the Briar

An early book by a beloved Australian author, known for her good humored and exciting realistic fiction. In this book, a group of boys in a weed spraying unit in isolated Southwest Tasmania cope with disaster.



16745 An Hour in the Morning by Cooper.

An Hour in the Morning.

At twelve, Kate passes her early school leaving exam and goes into service with a kind, prosperous farm family. Details of domestic life told convincingly from the point of view of people contented with their lot weave through this gentle story. Followed by  A Time in a City.



17400 Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service by Robertson, ill McCloskey.

Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service.

Henry and his business associate, Midge Glass, start a very organized daycare for the summer. And the first to appear is a powerful four-year-old called Danny. "Keith Robertson and Robert McCloskey, who might have known or been Henry Reed at one point of their lives, write about and picture him in a way that is both dead-pan serious and riotously funny." dw blurb.



Flicka, Ricka & Dicka & the Girl Next Door Lindman Whitman, 1949/1940, 7th

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Girl Next Door.

Ann-Marie, the carefully tended girl next door, envies FRD their loving mother and active play. Wonderful books! Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



12992 Nicholas and the Wool-Pack written and ill. by Harnett

Nicholas and the Wool-Pack.

Nicholas, a Cotswold wool producer's son, together with his fiancee and his best friend, foils the plotting of two visiting Lombards and saves his father's business. Many detailed illustrations of the trade.



13985 Brave Irene by Steig.

Brave Irene.

Irene courageously faces a howling blizzard to deliver her mother's order, and just in time! Wonderful pictures of a determined little body plodding through the snow and wind. New York Times Best Illustrated.



20167 Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr and the Big Surprise by Lindman.

Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr and the Big Surprise.

The boy's mother goes off for a visit, in a ship, this being Sweden, and while she is gone her sons earn enough money to have a chair made and upholstered for her. They observe every part of the process and so do we.



21482 A Boat for Peppe by Politi.

A Boat for Peppe.

A story of the Sicilian fishing community in Monterey, California. How Peppe's father was almost lost at sea, the Blessing of the Boats, and a wish come true for Peppe.



The Truant Tricycle. Marion. /C. Leslie Crandall, ill. Hollow-Tree House, 1948

The Truant Tricycle.

When Bobby saw the Bicycle in the park, he forgot his old friend Ting-a-Ling. So the tricycle went exploring, down the steep hill. He was rescued by Tommy Lee, who fixed him up and loved him. Then Tommy's father saw the Lost and Found ad! All ends happily. Set in San Francisco on Nob Hill and in Chinatown, a nice little story of two city cultures connected by good parents and a tricycle. Beautiful colours by a Bohemian artist/partner who designed games for CADACO in Chicago, with an Art Deco feel. You can even buy a print online of the cover illustration! The Hollow-Tree Book publishing house was short lived. All their books were illustrated by Crandall, and may have been a side product of the game company, since even at that time $1 was very inexpensive for such colour and design.



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