5659 Season of the Briar by Brinsmead

Season of the Briar

An early book by a beloved Australian author, known for her good humored and exciting realistic fiction. In this book, a group of boys in a weed spraying unit in isolated Southwest Tasmania cope with disaster.



19837 OO:Adventures in Orbello Land by Hildreth

OO: Adventures in Orbello Land.

An early science fiction/utopian novel for children, set in an uncharted part of Southern Australia. Rollin sets out to find his father in the mysterious, unknown land of OO, a gentle but rigid theocracy whose members wear Greek dress. As it turns out Rollin's father has become a king and captive of the Orbellians. Once the story gets going, the attempt to find and rescue him is a real page-turner. It is no wonder that few of these books exist.



Turkey and Partners.

More adventures of Turkey and his friends, likable boys who have a great deal of freedom to roam the countryside because they can be trusted to obey their parents' "direct orders" (only)! Set along a sleepy Australian River.



The Adventures of Turkey: Boy of the Australian Plains.

The author, a schoolteacher, grew up along the same sleepy Australian River and went to school with a boy much like Turkey.



Blue Fin.

"Although his father has always considered him completely incompetent, Steve suddenly finds their lives in his hands following a violent storm at sea."



Finn's Folly.

Quite a terrifying book about four children, one slow, left for a short time at night in a remote cabin, who hear a crash above and find that a truck carrying cyanide has smashed into their returning parents.




Tom's father and his protector gave him a year to achieve, somewhere in the world, two tasks, one of them for the sake of someone else, and to bring back a friend. Set in the Australian outback and the jungles of South America. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Kidnapped by Blackbirders.

When Paul Maitland is mistakenly taken with his friend Takua, he learns first hand of the evils of slavery. " 'Blackbirders" those who by force or guile took young islanders from the Pacific and sold them to work on the Australian Plantations." SIGNED by author on title page.



The War on William Street.

Sydney, 1930's: some boys' attempt to sell papers on Sidney street escalates into a bitter turf struggle.



The Muddle-Headed Wombat is Very Bad.

"Once in Big Bush it rained and rained." Wombat and his friends Mouse and Tabby Cat began to play.. Large format.



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