The Toymaker.

The Toymaker.

Doll furniture and toys that may be made from the simplest of scraps of card. The yellow, green and red diagrams are both attractive and clear. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



22301 Die Krabbelstube - Johanna Huber. 1947/1934

Die Krabbelstube.

Ideas for ways young mothers can play with their children, Six page pull out with photographs and patterns (uncut)



19225 Earth Daughter, Alicia of Acoma Pueblo - Ancona

Earth Daughter, Alicia of Acoma Pueblo.

A little girl grows up learning to make Acoma pottery of her culture. Beautiful coloured photos of Alicia's modern life and Pueblo ancient culture. Alicia, her tribe, and her clan, are direct descendants of the Ananzi.



17100 Dick Bruna's Christmas Crib.

Dick Bruna's Christmas Crib.

The play materials seem to be enclosed in a folder: on the front a picture of a crèche with little Bruna figures; on the folder back the instructions, in English, showing a little girl colouring the characters and the scene, pushing out the characters, bending the flaps, and setting up the scene. Inside would be the background with side flaps folding out and two sheets of punch out characters. (Hard to determine given the shrink wrap.) Very charming little nativity scene, with figures that can have their own skin colours and costumes.



19795 Manuel des Demoiselles by Mme Celnart.

Manuel des Demoiselles.

Metiers "tels qu la couture, la broderie, le Tricot (knitting), la Dentelle (lacemaking), la Tapisserie, les Bourses (purses) and just about everything else down to the removal of spots. It is followed by an index and a table of contents and three pull out pages of diagrams with some hand colour: one with patterns for clothing, one with illustrations of bobbin lace and needlepoint, and one charted for embroidery or other needlework. A young lady who had even attempted the work in this book would be skilled indeed. This fascinating manual was frequently republished and revised by the author and is written in a non-intimidating style.



Witch, Goblin, and Ghost's Book of Things to Do.

"Three friends show how to write a rebus, play a game, write in secret code, put on a play, and perform a magic trick." Note: This book has been SOLD.



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