20479 My Little Hen by the Provensens

My Little Hen.

About the birth and growth of Etta's child, Ned/Netta. Ralph the dog isn't so sure. No one can capture animal expressions like the Provensens. A beautifully designed little book, with a different cover illustration from the US editions.



21116 Pantaloni by Bettina.


Pantaloni, a good and faithful dog, causes havoc when he is separated from his young master. Luminous pictures set in an ancient Italian village and town and the surrounding countryside, the childhood home of the author/artist. Oversized, additional priority shipping charge. Note: This book has been sold.



Ant and Bee and Kind Dog. by Banner, Ward, ill Watts 1st

Ant and Bee and Kind Dog.

Kind Dog, A&B, and a growing collection of friends head out through the alphabet to follow a special smell. They ramble along, trying one thing and another, until it began to RAIN and then SNOW. What had that special smell been? Charming nonsense!

Another copy in Fair condition only /books/ant-and-bee-and-kind-dog-17499

Note: This book has been sold.



Four Paws into Adventure.

An intelligent little dachshund, Diogenes, tells the story of his life and the people he loves, his days in Paris with the old tramp Clodomir, his life with the family Jep in the South of France, and the terrible choice he must make between them. Hard to find in collectible condition. Note: This book has been sold.



Blood Royal.

"With the master away fighting for the King in the English civil war, the kennelman and his son are hard pressed to protect the estate..." Only the famous and beautiful greyhounds, from a line given to the house by Queen Elizabeth, remain important. Note: This book has been SOLD



The Tormentors.

Sox searches for his German Shepherd Heidi, stolen from the back of a pickup.



Meet Posy Bates.

Posy loves all animals, and keeps herself busy with spiders, a walking stick, a ladybug, and a hedgehop since she can't have a dog. Then comes the wild pet show! A beginning chapter book by a fine writer.



Nordy Bank.

On a camping trip to Nordy Bank, the site of a Welsh Border Iron Age fort, Bron changed from her outgoing self, and the frightened and hungry stray dog who visited the children took on a prehistoric wolf-like character. Note: This book has been SOLD.



The Yaller Dog.




Puppy Tales.

Little tales about puppies: Nippy and the Hedgehog; Mary and Mick and Snoozle, and The Lost Puppy.



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