The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.

The Cat in the Hat. Houghton Mifflin.Unusual.

This copy was definitely a salesman's sample, as it comes from a collection of review copies which I acquired in 1998 from a retired educator's collection. As received, it had a Houghton Mifflin/Riverside Press educational sales representative's business card laid in. Sadly, the card has been lost since 2006 and I have given up hope of finding it, so I've decided to list the book! The rounded spine is not practical for school use: judging from other multiple signature HM copies available with identical boards, the style was probably changed. Based on Seuss' statements and other copies seen with identical boards and multiple signatures, this copy may be the January publication or simply an odd salesman's sample issue. Intense colour and beautiful condition in this copy.  Rare thus.

Seuss was encouraged to create a controlled vocabulary book by William Spaulding, Educational Director of Houghton Mifflin and an old army buddy. However, Seuss was under contract to Random House, so HM agreed to publish the educational edition, allowing Random to publish the trade edition available to the public. The HM edition was set to be published in January or February and the trade edition in March, according a letter written to Random House by Seuss. However, the educational edition of Cat in the Hat was not successful as a primer, being too dissimilar from Dick and Jane. Cat in the Hat was later included in the 20 or so "Read by Yourself" HM series, most published in the 60's. In addition to having the single signature and rounded spine, our copy has the plainer HM design on bottom board.



Un Incorrigible Minet. Hachette/Dean's Rag Books.

Un Incorrigible Minet.

A rare example of the Dean's books printed for Hachette at the turn of the century. The naughty kitten Poucet causes all sorts of trouble: he bites his mother's tail, he tangles his Mistress's yarn, he chases the sparrows; he chases the rabbit. Scarce. The English version: DWARF SERIES NO. 22 THE TALE OF A NAUGHTY PUSSIE, PICTURES BY A HANSLIP,(sic) LONDON DEAN'S RAG BOOK CO. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Orange Cat by Frank Pettee / Ralph Chaplin ill Reilly & Lee, 1932, 1st printing.

The Orange Cat.

Peter watched the moving van pull away from the house next door, but he didn't know his cat was in the bureau drawer. PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Way to Sattin Shore by Philippa Pearce / Voake, ill. Kestrel, 1983, 1st printing

The Way to Sattin Shore.

Kate struggles with the mystery of her father's death, perhaps in a drowning on Sattin Shore, Both a mystery and a well-written story of family life, and of Kate's cat Syrup.



22591 Little Peter Lucas Malet  / Paul Hardy, illus.

Little Peter

Peter, a believably sweet and innocent little child, has two friends, the stuffy Cincinnatus, and the bitter crippled hermit Jean Paqualin, who is hated in the small French village near his home in the pine forest. A touching, romantic book. Mary Harrison (1852 - 1931), the daughter of Charles Kingsley, admired by famous writers in her day and an author of best-selling novels in the 1920's. She died in poverty and her works are only recently being revived. Fine woodblock plates and illustrations in text by Hardy (1862 - 1942)



20180 The Pussycat Princess by Anthony, illus photos Frees.

The Pussycat Princess.

"The Pussycat Princess asks and receives from her royal father permission to go out into the world, taking whatever risks may befall, but for one night only." Thirty-two photographs of real puppies and kittens elaborately dressed and posed to illustrate the story. [White 576].



21443 When the Wind Blew by Brown illus Slocum.

When the Wind Blew.

The little old woman lives content, forgotten by the world, with her 17 cats and her new little kitten. But when the storm and she takes to her bed with a toothache, how she wishes for a hot water bottle. "And she felt something warm along the side of her face.... click click purr purr purr purr. What could it be?" Brown wrote this as a student teacher at the Bank Street school, under the influence of Lucy Sprague Mitchell's Here and Now philosophy, which she incorporated and transcended. An important book in American children's literature, with the original illustrations that bring out the poetry in the text. Note: This book has been SOLD.



Uncle Harry.

Uncle Harry tried and tried to get rid of the stray kitten and ended up taking her in. Tiny ink pictures of activity in the town.



16999 Jenny's Birthday Book Averill

Jenny's Birthday Book.

A simple story of Jenny's birthday party. Handlettered, with alternate full colour and b/w drawings on every other page.



Becky and her Brave Cat, Bluegrass.

Becky travelled with her cat and her father Daniel Boone to the wilderness of Caintuck, Kentucky. NOTE: This book has been sold.



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