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picture book read somewhere between 1996-1998

Possibly Italian? Two children (a boy and an older girl) live in a wealthy estate with a large checkered lawn. They both like to play on the lawn with a red ball (I can't remember how they get the ball). They're both warned never to go through the hedge. A grey dwarf like man is involved somehow. The red ball eventually gets thrown accidentally through a hole in the hedge, and the boy climbs after and is abducted by the grey man, who turns him to stone and puts him in his tower (which is full of 99 other stone children). The girl goes on a quest, visiting the sky queen and the ground king, who both ask her to do some kind of task before giving her something in return. She spends the night in the woods, having gathered firewood during the day, within a protective circle with a fire. The grey man tries to tempt her out. I can't remember if she resists or not. Somehow she defeats the grey man and all the children are turned back to normal.

Does this ring any bells? I would love to find it!

Rumpty-Dudget's Tower

I'm fairly sure this is Rumpty-Dudget's Tower by Julian Hawthorne. This wonderful story was first published in the St. Nicholas magazine in 1879. A book version was published in 1924 illustrated by George Hood,  but you are probably looking for the Diane Goode illustrated version (1988). We have both versions in stock and I would be happy to send you a jpg if you think this is the one. Our Diane Goode is $10 but if you don't care about condition you can get it for less on abe or amazon.

Trip to the park children's book.

I can't remember what the book was called or who it was by but it was a children's book about to young girls (under the age of five) that end up walking to the park from their house without their mother knowing. I had it read to me in the early 90s. Though I have a feeling it might not have had text possibly just pictures.

Looking for book about animals

i am looking for a book i read in the 1970's early 80's. The story is based around a young boy who comes into possession of a number of animals like tiger, camel, yak etc. Rather than keep them he embarks on a journey to return each of the animals to its country of origin. During the story he also describes some of the culture of the country. If you have any idea on the title of the book i would be most appreciative.

Shoeboxes in the forest?

One of my friends is looking for a book from his childhood. It's about a boy who uses shoe boxes to build homes for animals in the forest to protect them from a storm. That's all he remembers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Abby

Book called Older Mouse, circa 1940s

My mum was telling me about a book she wanted as a girl. She had read a book called Mouse, and badly wanted Older Mouse and never got it. She's 80 now, and I'd love to find it for her. I'm afraid I don't have any other details, but here's hoping....!

the babysitter

This teenage girl decides to babysit this bad kid that everyone warns her about-the kid likes to bite...and in the end she ends up justifiably biting him back........it's a comical story-narrated by the babysitter...I beleive it was a story that was combined with several other short stories...
like the Man and his Wife-that had 3 wishes from a genie ...and the wife waste the wishes-after she gets mad at her husband- by wishing a sausage stuck on the end of her husbands' nose----------------Does anyone know these stories or book????????

childrens book

looking for a book featuring a child called "Horace" only his sibling sister could undestand what he said when speaking as a very young child

Children's book I need the name for

I remember a book from the late 80's -90's about a girl who is not supposed to go into the forest but goes further and further to get the pretty flowers. She keeps saying she will only get a few more but the further she goes the prettier they get. Finally she has to run home because the monster in the woods chased her home, like her mother warned her about. Thoughts?

"Poppy, the Adventures of a Fairy" a1930's children's books,

I always loved and once memorized this book. The copy I have lacks cover and first few pages. It must have come from a 'dime store', or grocery rack, and started out:
"Poppy was a fairy, a four inch fairy who lost her way in the world of people. She did not know how she got there, but she awakened one morning in the toe of a slipper".
It was read to me, then I read and reread this, read it to each child I baby sat with and to the campers where I was counselor, and my children. I found an abreviated copy in the 1950's which was a poor substitute for it. Mine came from the early 1930's.
This would be a dream come true to find it again.

Poppy the Adventures of a Fairy

Published by Rand McNally, first in 1931, then in 1934, then later editions, by Anne Perez-Guerra. There are some on abe from 1934, the edition we have had, but the 1931 first edition seems to be scarce. The early ones are expensive, but you could probably get one for less eventually on ebay. Leave a want. Perhaps you could purchase a very beat up one with the front intact and combine the two books.


OLD children's book called "The Big Fish"

Hi! I am looking for a children's book---I think it is called "The Big Fish". It is about a boy and his father and something about canoeing. An illustration I remember in the book is the father and the boy carrying the canoe over their heads. It has a picture on every (or almost every) page and everything is in black and white. I cannot find it anywhere on any search engine. :/ Can you help me?



Childhood book from late 70's or early 80's

The book was a compilation of stories. It had a brown hard cover & I recall that the Bookmdefinitely had the Little Match Girl as one of the stories, & the princess & the pea, but the story I'm wanting to find is of a young boy who I think his mother had to work new years eve & he was left home alone.mit was a rainy night And he was looking out the window and a rain fairy appeared, who told him about the rain princess who was in love with the fire prince but they couldn't be together. Then something along the lines of a fire fairy appearing in his fireplace and gave him a special suit to put on that shrunk him & he could then enter the fire with the fairy. End of story, the fire prince comes out of the fire and the rain princess & him are in love & decide they can't live without each other so end up kissing which I think was the end of both as the fire was put out by the rain....if that makes any sense! I remember I loved the illustrations in this book, particularly this story. If ou have any suggestions, that would be fantastic. Cheers!

Not sure when the book was

Not sure when the book was published, but was before the 90s. It was a children's/toddler's book thanking God for all the different kinds of dogs. Very short book. Only part I remember is a quote "when God made dogs, He made dogs."

princess and a frog

I remember a book I had in the 60's that looked like Barbie and she shrunk down and had to find a frog to help her . It was a large picture book. I only remember bits and pieces of the pictures. I remember her shrinking and her clothes being too big and then of her meeting a toad. Woul dappreciate any help been trying to remember it for years

looking for a 70s childrens book about giants and pixies etc

This book was a large hard covered book that was well illistrated with a lot of short stories aboutbgiants and woodcuts out witting the bad giant etc..the stories in it I can remember slightly
The're was one about the shoe maker and the pixiess and one about a woodcuts receiving a magic cloth from a little old man for sharing his lunch with him , the cloth when used by the woodcutter made his axe turn silver
The book was very well illistrated and there was a few of these types of books I believe at the time any help would be appreciated thank you

Searching for Sci-FI book

Early 1980's at school, 3 or 4 book series about a Futuristic Industrial tyrannical World where the equivalent of 'Gladiators' fought to the death in arena's.
I think in groups of upto 3 or 4, might have been solo.
I think a ball of light/heavy metal was fired/thrown into capture hoops or similar.

I think the lead character (Vado, Varga, Vardo something like this) wishes to be more, escapes etc. That or he was simply proud of his winning to better improve the faction he was loyal to.

Books where 7x5inch soft back, very colorful with one I think having a Grilled Masked type figure holding his gauntleted hand(with spikes)up.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Let me give more details about this book!

I posted below, it's a coming of age story about a teenager who works for some place on the beach and lives behind or near an abandoned Carasouel his Uncle or father left him. He is an orpahn and one night this young girl goes swimming in the ocean and he saves her from drowning. He doesn't think much of her but the two build a bond as the book goes on. The girl is supposed to be really skinny and he describes her as ugly and not his type. She is broken like him, and has nightmares. It's a hard book to find, because I read it back in the late 90's it was a young adult fiction. It had a carasouel with horses on the front cover, I just don't remember the name or authoer. Any help would be great! Thank you. Lisa (Here is Lisa's previous post, so all the information is together, Suzanne)

I read this beautiful story about a young adult who lives in an abandoned Carasouel or behind it and then saves a girl from drowning in the ocean. He doesn't think much of her at first, he gets a job on the beach at some shop. He soon grows to love the girl.

It's a hard story to find and I would love to know the title and Author. Thank you so very much it would mean alot to me!

Children's Christmas book - 1950

I was given the book Christmas 1950 or 1951. It had lots of fun Christmas stories. One was a puppy who found a home for Christmas. My favorie was a "German" story about an uncle in a log cabin jail who carved gifts for his niece and nephew . They exchanged the gifts and long Christmas cookies through the jail keyhole. Any ideas?

Looking for a book about a fox and a rabbit

This is a book my Grandfather read to me that he had also read to his sons; they were born in the 1945 & 1947. As I recall it has 3-4 individual stories in it about a naughty fox named Frankie Fox and a bunny that saves the day. The rabbit's name might be Chipper or Chester. One of the stories is about the rabbit saving a candy store and another about him preventing a train from being wrecked by foiling Frankie's plans. Thanks for any help!

children's bedtime stories

I am looking for a hardback covered book of 100 bedtime stories for children from 1980-1986. Some of the stories are " A windy day", "blowing bubbles", "scrambled eggs", "Swimming lessons", "a pantomime", "Winston goes to sea", " Vera and her pony", " the diary", "the cat who read", Emma goes shopping", "moving day", "the twins and the tree house", "space age Jimmy", "camping out". It is possible that this was a book from the U.K. the cover had a white background. i will very grateful if i can get a copy of this book. The stories are one and two pages long with a bit of illustration under the caption or at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

First grade reading text book from late 70's

I'm looking for a text book that had a purple cover with a picture of a bee. It contained "Ira Sleeps Over", something like "Lucy doesn't Listen", "Three Billy Goats Gruff". Thanks


I'm looking for a book I read as a child in the 90s. Not sure when it was published. I remember a little girl who walks home from school because she skins her knee, I think. She walks by herself but on the way she talks to rocks, flowers and trees. There's a thunderstorm and she finally makes it home.

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Big leafed plant takes over a house

Im looking for a childrens book about a plant (looks like a monstera philodendron with large glossy leaves) that grows and grows and eventually takes over the inside of house - it has a picture in it of a boy playing a piano in a room filled with the plant. It much have been around in the early 70s when i was a child. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!

Giant Plant

I know this book. It was published in Scholastic and had a yellow cover with the plants coming out of the house, kind of a family story. Once the Election is over, I'll be able to think of it. Meanwhile perhaps someone else will. Here are some other giant plant books which are NOT your book!

Felice Holman, The Escape of the Giant Hogstalk  Scribner's 1974 The hogstalk plant grows and grows until it begins to escape from the Royal Botanical Gardens; can it be stopped? A funny version of this theme, see also Cresswell's Bongleweed.

Helen Cresswell  The Bongleweed Macmillan or Faber & Faber 1973 The enormous Bongleweed grew in Pew gardens from some mysterious seeds tossed on a compost heap. How could Becky and her father, the gardener, bear to hurt it! "it had ..thrown out its prodigal gifts of flower and greenery.. to make things new again.

Finches' Fabulous Furnace.

Was it perhaps the Finches' Fabulous Furnace by Drury, also from the 70's? The Finch family moves into an old house with a secret source of heat, a small volcano, which makes everything warmer. Suzanne

Looking for old hardcover collection of classic children's story

My grandmother used to have an old book a lot of us grand kids used to read. It was approx b5 size and about 2inches thick.
It had beautiful illustrations in it. Some of the stories it had in it were "puss in boots", "the gingerbread man", Ali baba, rumpelstilskin,
and a whole lot more. I can't remember the title of this book but the only thing I can remember is that the cover was a olive green colour, with a dark green band and an image of a castle on the covers spine.
Any help in finding out the name of this book would be greatly appreciated (and maybe a picture too).

I think i have that book. Top

I think i have that book. Top of cover
says, "My Book House" Bottom says , In the Nursery . There is an old pic of a mother sitting with two little girls

Book House

Thank you Millie, I certainly missed this one. This book is the first of 12 Rainbow Editions of the Book House. See our page for more than you want to know about Book Houses! http://dev-oldchildrensbooks.pantheonsite.io/catalogues-lists/topic-list... Scroll about a third of the way down to see the book you are talking about.

Humorous circus book

I remember reading this book years ago; I think it may have been from the '80s.
It took place in a circus, and the book began with a clown asking the reader to hold a string for him(It may have been a rope, but I'm pretty sure it was a string), and the reader then follows the string, which leads them to a series of other circus performers in humorous situations(most of said circus performers had odd names, though regrettably I don't remember what they were). There were acrobats, a man and a lady with a nasty little dog(whose name was Spotted Shrimp; he was black with white spots), and(I think) even some animals, such as elephants. The book eventually ends with something like, "So, the next time you're at the circus and a clown asks you to hold a string, follow it. You never know what you might find." I remember that the illustrations were very colorful and somewhat ridiculous; I also remember a picture of Spotted Shrimp biting one of the acrobats. The books title was something like,"What's On the Other End?" or "What's On the Other End Of the String?" Any information would be much appreciated!

Book about a strange pet shop

I remember reading this book when I was a kid. I think it was made in the '80s. A little boy(who I believe had brown hair) is looking for a pet, and visits this very odd pet shop; I remember that the entire story was in rhyme.(It wasn't Puck's peculiar Pet Shop by Dean Walley and Roz Schanzer, although it was somewhat similar to that one.)The pet shop owner presents him with several different pets, each with some bizzare and annoying trait, such as a robot-like creature who cleans up everything and a minotaur-like creature who messes up everything, a creature with a scissors-shaped head and(I think) a glue-brush shaped tail who cuts and glues whatever he can get his hands on, several tiny, car shaped creatures who go zooming everywhere, a raccoon in(I think) a Centurion helmet who causes various kinds of mischief, and a giant sphinx-like creature with a TV-screen face who breathes fire. The boy(as one might suppose) turns each one of them down, until he's presented with a regular, normal dog. The pet shop owner insists that the boy couldn't possibly want the dog("She does not cut, she does not glue, she is not the pet for you!), but the boy knows better("Says who?). Any information would be much appreciated!

Book of Colors

I am looking for a picture book in print in the 1970's to 1980's. It was a book of colors. Some of the words were as follows:
Brown bear my brown bear smiles
Pink doll my pink doll sleeps
Purpe pinwheel my purple pinwheel twirls
Gray car my gray car zooms
Yellow horn my yellow horn toots
Green boat my green boat sails
Black engine my black engies goes

Childrens' story late 1940s

My mother read to me from a book of children's stories (my grandmother was German and I wonder if the tales could have been translated from German to English) that were cautionary tales. One story was about a little girl who didn't appreciate anything and so one by one she lost everything that was important to her. The sheep came during the night and took away their wool, the trees, took away their wood, etc. The illustrations were dark because the action always happened at night. I remember the girl wearing a white nightgown. The other story I remember was about a little girl who worried about everything. Same dark pictures, but the one vivid illustration in my mind is an axe stuck in the ceiling of the attic (or basement) and the girl constantly worried it would fall and hurt her.

I have searched my whole adult life for this book of tales. I don't remember the cover or even how big the book was, but it seems the size of the book was about an 8 x 10.

Thank you for any help you can give.

HELP! I'm looking for a time travel book from my childhood!

Hi, there's this book I read in the 90s about a trolley or car or something, and that a young kid goes in it and travels back in time... the cover of the book has a big dog inside of a small car, i think the kid's name was milo....
thank you so much for your help!

This might be the Phantom

This might be the Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster. It's not a time travel book, Milo gets the car for his birthday and puts money in the tollbooth to go to a magic land. The dog is a watchdog called Tock, he has a big clock on his side. They have to journey to rescue 2 princesses called Rhyme and Reason, with various adventures along the way, such as meeting a boy who starts out with his head at his adult height and grows downwards till he touches the floor. Does this sound familiar?

I might know...

I'm not from this website, but I thought your book description sounded familiar. Could the book you're looking for be The Phantom Tollbooth? It doesn't have to do with time travel (at least I don't think so), but the main character's name was Milo, there was a car, and there was a dog.


I think you're right. People are always welcome to try and ID the books on this site. Stop by again.

366 Goodnight Stories


looking for this book which i think was published in 1966 and has a poem in it about Willie The Wasp & Bertie The Bee !!

366 Goodnight Stories
A Golden Pleasure Book
Published by Paul Hamlyn in 1966

Would be graetful for any help thank you !!

thank you but unfortunately

thank you but unfortunately thats the wrong edition :(
the one i am looking for has a yellow dust sheet and doesnt have a scarecrow on the front :O(

Old book for my freind

My friend told me about this book where a girl was born around 9 ft tall and later on in the book she fought a bear..... I would really like to know what this book is

Fairy tale beauty and the beast type story?

This was a childrens book most likely published between 1980-1996. It was an illustrated book. Maybe 30 pages? My memories are vague with the story but its about a prince in a kingdom. Setting appears to be 18th century france from the illustrations. Anyway everyone hates the prince because he is a spoiled brat. The king dies and its a big problem for the rest of the kingdom. The story also involves a girl who lives in the countryside. She has animal friends. I distinctly remember a bear and possibly a wolf. The prince ends up at the girls house and has to help her out with chores and of course they eventually fall in love. I don't remember much else except that the girl ends up having to go to a ball. She has nothing to wear on her head so the bear gives her his golden collar which becomes a circlet for her hair. The story is reminiscent of a beauty and the beast type story (the prince changes his ways and its probably set in france.)

Nursery rhyme book illustration with maids as flowers

I am longing for a book I used to have when I was a child that I can only see vauge pictures of in my mind. I remember most clearly the Mary Mary Quite Contrary rhyme which had an illustration of the "pretty maids all in a row" with just girl's heads coming out of the ground with flower petals for hair. I think the cover of the book had a little girl walking in the rain carrying an umbrella and I think this book was a dark color, blue or gray. I know this is not much to go on but any help would be appreciated!

ABC Book

I am looking for a book my mother had when she was young (would have probably been published in the 50's or 60's). The front of the book showed the alphabet and then there were several stories including two children going to toy land, a little sweet shop and a little boy eating his breakfast out of a bowl which had humpty dumpty on it. The front of the book had two or three children carrying building blocks which showed 'A, B, C' hopefully someone may know who wrote this book as it was thrown out by accident.
I am also looking for a book called 'Pamela's Birthday' probably published around this time too. It had a front cover of a little girl on the front with dark brown hair. All help much appreciated

Pre 1980s Children's book with weird cat drawings ugly noses...

This is driving me mad, please help me.
I am 25 years old and when I used to visit my grandparents they had a really unusual children's book which I have started to dream about recently.Every night I remember a snippet more about the book but I cant find anything about it anywhere on the internet and I don't know what it was called.

The book would have been with my grandparents left over from their children so 60s or 70s ( possibly earlier but not likely)

All I can remember is pictures of very weird looking cats (almost scary) that wore Victorian looking clothes. One of the cats had a problem with his whiskers were they would not stop growing and he had to keep tying them in a bow to keep them out of the way. the whiskers looked like really long spaghetti?

Another cat with an ugly nose (they all had flat ugly noses like buttons) for some reason I seem to think he collected cats noses in a box?

Right about now I'm starting to sound insane to the rest of my family (and starting to worry myself) So please anyone who has any vague/rough ideas what I might be talking about please enlighten me.

My mind thanks you in advance,


Looking for a book about a girl that started a dog kennel

Hi -
I'm looking for a book about a young girl who lived in the country and started her own dog kennel/boarding from an old building/horse stalls on her property. It describes how she cleaned up the old stalls herself and gained some dogs to board/rescue. I read this book anywhere in a span from 1979 - 1986? So it had to have been published before that. Any way you can help would be appreciated!

A Unicorn Book

I don't remember it very well at all, but here's what I think I remember.

The main character was a female unicorn, and it had to do with a black unicorn and an evil/traitor unicorn (but they might have been one and the same), a cave in a mountain, and possibly a pool of water. I believe it was from the 70s-90s. I originally got it from a thrift store. It was a paperback and on the thin side. There were color illustrations that were perhaps somewhat cartoonish.


A book from late 70's or early 80's and it was a small Halloween book. It has crafts, rhymes and a recipe for witches brew. It may have been black and white.

Children's Book.

It is a children's book. The only thing I can't remember about the book is the title. Description: There is a fox (I believe), and a blue colored bird. He wants to eat the bird, so he seduces her with jewelry, a hat, a scarf and other various things to weigh her down, while taking pictures of her. Also, catchphrase while taking the pictures are, "Snip, Snap, Gotcha" I can not remember what this book is called. Greatly appreciated if you can tell me the name.

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