A B C D E (8 alphabets) abcde...

Kenosha, WIS.: Samuel Lowe Company, paper large booklet, (1943) #10011. Toploader large softcover.

8 alphabets in a paper book with distinctive, uncredited artwork. There is no title page, the Occupations alphabet takes up the front and back cover. As with all the alphabets, there are rows of 4 or 5 pictures with large letters of different colours beside each (making 26 letters). So: 1. Occupations: Engineer, Iceman, Keymaker, Opera Singers, Quiltmaker, Upholsterer, 2. "A was an Archer poem" 3. War Alphabet: Dive Bomper, Kitchen Police, Wireless, Objective, Y-Gun; 4. Children's things: Sidney is in his Snow Suit, Quentin plays at Quoits; also 5. Animals, 6 Buildings: Apartment house, Roadstand, Hanger, Pier; 7. Flowers; 8. Fruits.(5,7,8 could be by another artist, but probably not) Pink border with tiny Mother Goose figures. Amusing little pictures in a 1940's commercial art style with interesting selections for the letters.

CONDITION: Good Minus; clean and flat, slightly faded on the outside; inside alphabets bright, with 2" spine split, half inch margin tear that runs through all pages, staples beginning to rust. Item #19461

Price: $25.00

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