/Henry Morin, illustrator.

Contes de Fées.

Paris: Henri Laurens, Editeur, Librairie Renouard, Rue de Tournon, 6; (1950/1930/1900 thus) Imprimerie Ch. Hérissey. Evreux; Réproduction photographique par l'Imprimarie Française de Musique et Réproduction Photomécanique, Paris, 1950, without Tarsot introduction; in wraps, softbound, with a coloured cover illustration of little elves holding the train of a fairy queen in a swan carriage pulled by little birds, many black and white and some coloured full page illustrations; covered (partially) with old glassine wrap, 9x11"; 116 pp. French language softcover wraps.

Five tales of each of the authors: Gracieuse et Percinet; L'Oiseau Bleu, La Belle aux cheveux d'or, La Biche au bois, La Chatte Blanche; then, Les Trois Souhaits, Le Prince Chéri, La Belle et la Bête, Le Prince Charmant, Le Prince au long nez.

CONDITION: Very Good; no names, old bookseller's penciled notations in upper corner of front cover, covers very bright under glassine, which does not cover the entire height of the book, rough edges of pages darkening and soiled, glassine darkening with some short tears, interior as new with bright coloured illustrations; much of this book is uncut. Très bon etat. Item #21914

Price: $40.00

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