/Jane Paton, illustrator Bks Introductory and 2.

The Young Mathematician for Infants: 4 books..

Edinburgh: Heinemann: Feb. 6, 1960, advanced copy of the 1st Edition, yellow SOFTCOVER Teacher's Book with notes for all three volumes included:, blue and white Introductory Book, red and white Book 1 and green and white Book 2. 14, 24, 32, 40 pp. Reference Education.

Included is a letter from the author, a teacher at the Bruntsfield Primary School, Edinburgh, Scotland (still flourishing) dated January 22, 1961 "I expect by this time you have forgotten writing me here asking for copies of my book on Cuisenaire Arithmetic to be sent to you..." All books are SIGNED with a brief inscription.A sequential curriculum using the Cuisenaire rods with a foreword by Dr. George Reith, Deputy Director of Education Edinburgh and Headmaster of Miss Birrell's school, "I feel sure Miss Birrell would not wish these books to be used as a guide to be slavishly followed, since the whole essence of the Cuisenaire method lies in the opportunitu it gives to children to be free to make their own discoveries... (however) For those who wish to follow a trail that has already been blazed this series shows a path that may be traversed with confidence. For those who become aware that the potentialities of the rods as an instrument for learning arithmeticc are greater than they at first realize these books will provide an excellent starting point...." Quite an unusual piece from midcentury math education for young children.

CONDITION: Very Good, generally, all tight with clean crisp white pages, nice spines and unused by children but with very lightly soiled areas on covers; author's and recipient's inscription on all volumes. Teacher's Book, full sheet school letterhead on toned paper attached with rusty paper clip with note from Miss Birrell, small creases on cover; Introductory and Book 1 as described, Book 2 with more soil and 1.5" tear back margin of cover. Item #22694

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